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Kruszywa ozdobne

BlueWay has been specializing in the production, wholesale and retail of decorative items  for several decades.

In our offer you will find: coloured sand, coloured glass granules, coloured pearl glass marble, water colour, glass balls, natural gravel, wooden granules, Styrofoam balls, flower arrangement, coloured feathers, acrylic stones.

We specialize in dyed artificial aggregates which are subject to specialized processing and fractionation. They are characterized by high mechanical strength, resistance to UV and full repeatability in terms of fraction and colour.

Endless possibilities
arrangements and decorations using our products

The decorative items we offer are ideal for preparing various types of decorations at home and wherever you need products for the implementation of unusual projects on the occasion of celebrations, parties and other events. Assortment range allows you to prepare unlimited options of decoration.

We also fulfill individual orders regarding  the shape, color and packaging of the products we offer, so that we can extend unconventional products to our clients.

Aranżacje, dekoracje BlueWay

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